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Welcome to key2study!
This site has been designed to support students and teachers of a wide variety of engineering and engineering-related courses, from GCSE to Foundation Degree level. The site is linked to a number of popular engineering textbooks for students, including:

Engineering GCSE 2nd edition

BTEC National Engineering

Higher National Engineering 2nd Edition

Aircraft Engineering Principles

BTEC First Engineering

Aircraft Digital Electronics and Computer Systems

Engineering A-level

Electronic Circuits: Fundamentals and Applications

Engineering Technologies Level2

Electronics Circuits

Engineering Science

BTEC National Engineering

Just click on one of the topics on the left to get started or select the book-related resources listed below:

billiard_new.gifEngineering Technologies Level 2billiard_new.gif
Click here
to access the web resources for the EAL Engineering Technologies Level 2 course book (ISBN 9781138674479)

billiard_new.gifEngineering Sciencebilliard_new.gif
Click here
to access the web resources for the Foundation Degree Engineering Science course book (ISBN 9781856177757)

BTEC National Engineering
Click here
to access the resources for the BTEC National Engineering course book (ISBN 9780123822024)

Engineering A-level book resources
Click here
to access the resources for Engineering A-level course book (ISBN 0750666927) as well as the
matSdata and A9CAD applications.

key2control website
Need help with using a PC for control, instrumentation or measurement applications? Need to develop hardware or software for use with a PC?
Click here
to visit our sister website.

key2electronics website
Need help with electronics (at any level from GCSE to HND/Foundation Degree)? Need to understand how electronic circuits and components work? Need to design and/or build an electronic circuit? Click here to visit our sister website.

BTEC First Engineering
BTEC First Engineering covering the compulsory core units and several of the most popular option units of the BTEC First Awards in engineering. Click here to view or download a sample chapter for the unit on Working Practices in Engineering. Click here to go to the BTEC First download page.

BTEC National Engineering
Click here to go to the new BTEC National Engineering website.

Aircraft Engineering
Click here
for on-line resources for aircraft engineering - particularly for students who may be following BTEC or EASA Part-66 courses. Topics covered include aircraft engineering principles, digital electronic and computer systems, communications and navigation systems.

HYCAD 2-D CAD package
Click here to download this excellent FREE 2-D CAD package for Windows.

A9CAD 2-D CAD package
Click here to download this easier FREE 2-D CAD package for Windows and Click here to download the A9CAD Getting Started guide.


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