Business systems: Engineering sectors

Some of the engineering sectors, engineered products and engineering companies with which you are probably familiar include:

Chemical engineering
Fertilizers, pharmaceuticals, plastics, petrol etc. Companies in this field include Fisons, Glaxo, ICI and British Petroleum.

Mechanical engineering
Engines, bearings, agricultural machinery, gas turbines, machine tools and the like from companies such as RHP, GKN and Rolls-Royce.

Electrical and electronic engineering
Electric generators and motors, consumer electronic equipment (radio, TV, audio and video) power cables, computers etc. produced by companies such as GEC, BICC and ICL.

Civil engineering
Concrete bridges and flyovers, docks, factories, power stations, dams etc, from companies like Bovis, Wimpey and Balfour-Beatty.

Aerospace engineering
Passenger and military aircraft, satellites, space vehicles, missiles etc. from companies such as British Aerospace, Westland and Rolls Royce.

Telephone and radio communication, data communications equipment, etc. from companies like Nokia, GEC, Plessey and British Telecom.

Motor vehicle engineering
Cars, commercial vehicles (lorries and vans), motorcycles, tractors and specialized vehicles from companies such as Rover, Vauxhall UK and McLaren.

Now take a look at the six images shown below. For each image see if you can:

  • Identify the engineering sector
  • Name the engineered product or service that is represented
  • List THREE key scientific principles that apply to the engineered product or service.

Civil engineering

Aeonautical engineering





Motor vehicle engineering

Civil engineering

Electrical engineering






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